All telephone customer service lines for Government Departments & Government Business Enterprises (eg Aust Post) should have a backup web based system allowing citizens/taxpayers to log a request for a call back or email.

An online web based facility should be available to log a request (with additional background details being supplied at that time) for a call back by telephone or email by a fixed time ( e.g. within 24 hours). The caller could receive, at their option, a "log request number" when the call is not being answered by a live person within say ten minutes, to identify the wasted call and then use this number to identify and log their request online. The online log would then be used by customer service personnel to respond to queries in order, with the advantage of having full name, contact details, account details, history of the issue & background of request in front of them. This avoids the economic cost of time wasted on hold, allows more productive use of time and may even enable quicker resolution of the issue by avoiding miscommunication issues. It has the added advantages in providing a written record of communications for the government department and the taxpayer, which can easily be added to an electronic customer record file. It keeps us all a bit calmer and we can get on with doing something productive for the economy.

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