My idea is a day promoted as "How are you mate? I live down your street". It is a day when all Australians are encouraged to do a kind deed for a neighbourhood on their street. It is about supporting each other and relationship building.

"How are you Mate? I live on your street" campaign would encourage Austalians to open their doors and offer a hand to their neighbors. It would give us permission to make a connection with someone on our street and do something positive for them. This may be having a cup of tea with an elderly person, teaching a neighborhood child how to change a tyre or bake some biscuits for a single parent. It is about reaching out, showing the gift of giving and building positive relationships. This will build trust, resilience and a sense of belonging and connectedness in our communities which is urgently needed to tackle the myriad of social isolation issues so many people experience. In our neighborhoods we have so many collective skills, we need to get better at tapping into these rich resources and working together to create stronger communities and honest relationships. We will all benefit knowing we have a neighbour looking out for us.

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