Institutions are also headed and ran by people, as a result building honestly within people will automatically build honesty between institutions. Let’s focus on the bigger issue and get honestly as one of countless benefits for a person.

Let’s learn how to live a correct life, without looking at this in any particular religious view, let’s look for a universal path which can be practiced by anyone in any religion just for the purpose of living a healthy life without harming them ourselves and others around us.

Let’s learn how to live a wholesome life at a very gross level which will show us how being honest will be rewarded to us then and there and take it down to a much deeper level on learning how to control our mind in a wonderful way which can be beneficial to the entire world and most importantly one self.

As long as we cannot see the things correctly inside our mind we will never be able to correct our self to be honest or to do anything good if the general habit of the mind is filled with bad intentions. Let’s give a simple try, let’s give 10 days of our life to see how this could change us for being a better honest person.

Dhamma is a universal path, don’t let anyone cover it with any religious name or copyright it was and will be universal for everyone.

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