Elected politicians need to be held personally responsible for stupid or corrupt decisions when in power.

A referendum in plain English (no politispeak) will put to the people the framework to enshrine a law in our constitution that elected politicians will be held personally responsible for any negative environmental ramifications of their decisions when in power.

The on-going health and sustainability of the natural environment including climate, biodiversity, protected wilderness (European definition, not Indigenous Australian) and Indigenous Australian management, is the biggest decider of whether we have a future or not. It is above economic considerations or social issues since an unsustainable ecosystem cannot support humans in business or society.

This will mitigate corruption of politicians by lobbyists from industry or foreign entities. It will necessitate better research and more thorough analyses of the potential downsides of development projects.

Perhaps a single issue party could introduce this referendum or even The Greens if neither major party has the gumption to do so.

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