Living in a Lead Smelter town we have always received bad publicity about the problem and in particular Children's intelligence. All of Australia's cities have the same problem in homes along arterial roads. Theberton Primary,SA was shifted -Why.

The old parents request of "have you washed your hands" before eating, or going out, has mostly gone.I lived in a bad area of Port pirie and worked for 36 years at Smelter (highest Bl/Pb 12 IQ 127). Because of Lead in Petrol, houses close to or on arterial roads had lead dust in there ceilings and gardens.Theb.P Sch.children had higher lead reading than Pt P.'s. With Toxicity, Asbestos, etc. being discovered in residential areas part of the problem could be controlled by hashing of hands before eating and going out. Do Schools provide for this also ?

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