My idea aims to bridge the worlds of the elderly and the young, and help improve the level of care received by the aged through a joint program that allows for students to care, volunteer and learn.

Australia’s aging population will pose as one of the nation’s greatest challenges – posing numerous social and economic strains. One of the most profound concerns of the nation is the dystopia of a fractured society.

The health system overall has often been barred from young people, Australians under the age of eighteen finding it almost impossible to provide any form of care in the aged sector. Thus, many young individuals passionate about the health system often feel alienated from the health system. A comprehensive program which aims to allow students to provide care and learn within one of Australia’s leading and most flexible providers of aged care; HammondCare, helps nullify this foreboding fear.

Thus, students from a variety of ages are able to engage in the world of the elderly, with the potential to run programs that will improve the level of care received by aged patients, these programs being; therapy through music, art, reading, food preparation and any other form of kindness. Alongside this, youth have the potential to present and launch ideas in a sector so severely underrepresented by Australia’s young. The health system in return allows young people to immerse into a number of educational opportunities, with helps eradicate the negative stigma and stereotype surrounding health issues such as dementia through eye-opening conferences, workshops as well as opportunities for internships, training and work placement.

Such charitable, altruistic and intergenerational movement is unparalleled - inevitably leading to the profound development of self and the immense broadening of the mind, ultimately undermining the alleged selfishness, ignorance and unappreciativeness of young people.

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