Make higher education more affordable especially to those in low income category

The way to increase innovation and creativity starts from at grassroots level- i.e. the education system. Although the education system does its own reform, the accessibility of education is much bigger issue. Therefor I am proposing the federal government to build a foundation for education policy that will one day in near future make education from primary school to university virtually free for all citizens of Australia. Because it may not be possible now, we need to take baby steps to achieve this. First they need to make public school education absolutely free in all aspects for everyone regardless of their income or status. For higher education what needs to happen for now at least is that tuition fee should be charged to only those with a combined household income in excess of $250,000. But these people within that category can still take out HECS if they wish. Eventually through subtle changes in taxation system and public support, higher education should be virtually free with little or no debt.

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