Negatively-geared properties must only be made available for rental through non-profit housing organisations that service those having trouble with housing affordability.

Currently the salary & wage earners who have a negatively-geared investment property can use the expenses they have on the property to reduce the tax they'd otherwise be liable to pay on their wage. This is a taxpayer-subsidised 'leg-up' on the property ladder and, it could be claimed, middle-class welfare. I think that legislation should require that such negatively-gearing of properties only be allowed for properties that are made available for rental through non-profit housing associations. Their focus is on providing affordable housing to those on lower incomes experiencing housing challenges. The battlers would then also have a 'leg up' in the property market. And there would be more affordable housing that the state government housing budgets can't adequately deliver. Such a system would mean that tax concessions given would directly support a social need. Property owners would be free to rent through the traditional real estate agents - but then they would not have the generosity of the tax system (the taxpayer) bestowed upon them - that is, no negative-gearing. Of course, those not negative gearing at all can rent with whoever they want.

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