My idea is to get all of your personal information into one place. Your will, bank details, TFN, ABN, super, insurance, bill account numbers & passwords. The details of your Solicitor, Accountant, Doctor etc so when you do die it is all together.

No more wading through piles of paperwork. Create an app that is able to store all of these details. The details can be compiled, printed, reviewed, amended, sent and stored (electronically and in hard copy). The information can create budget costs or could be sent to a next of kin in any country electronically. It can be stored at your Solicitors or Financial Advisers. So when you or a loved one does pass you have all of their information in one place and you can do the tasks in a less painful manner. Cancel policies, claim insurances, pay for funeral costs, close subscriptions etc. Less stress. So by "getting it together" you are entrusting that your wishes are being carried out. This app could also save you money. When you are reviewing direct debits you may be paying for policies, subscriptions that you no longer use or need.

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