Restart lost work opportunities. Reduce social security and family benefit payments. Supply free meals at school canteens so every child has a decent meal every day.

My idea is for every child at school to receive free at least 1 wholesome meal per day. Also all uniforms, footwear stationary be supplied for free. How do we pay for this? Reduce/remove child family benefits, Give the unemployed jobs by: all uniforms, shoes, books to be made in Australia of Australian grown materials. Thus starting up the so called sweat shops that thrived years ago giving thousands on the dole work. Food used in school to be all Australian grown if possible keeping farmers and their employees in work. Many other jobs would be opened up to service these industries like delivery drivers, food preparation outlets/caters, extra staff at school canteens, manufactures of stationary, eating utensils etc. This would greatly reduce the number of unemployed. End result: 1. Saving on unemployment benefits this also boosts self esteem. 2. Cost saving on family benefits. 3. All children would be sure of having at least 1 nourishing meal a day. 4. Bring back industries we have lost to overseas manufactures. 5. Reducing the unemployment in Australia.

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