Geras Family Care Centre is for older adults (with or without disabilities) who can no longer manage independently, or who are isolated and lonely. We will enable seniors to socialize with others; offering caregivers a break from caregiving duties.

Geras Family Care is a planned program of activities designed to promote well-being though social and interactive related services, such as bocce, gardening, and art and craft classes. The Geras Family Care centre will operate during daytime hours, Monday through Friday, in a safe, supportive, cheerful environment. Nutritious meals that accommodate special diets are typically included, along with an afternoon snack. The intent of an adult day centre is primarily two-fold: 1. To provide older adults an opportunity to get out of the house and receive both mental and social stimulation 2. To give caregivers a much-needed break in which to attend to personal needs, or simply rest and relax.

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