Fully funded infructure projects can advance our living standards, create exports and boost employment

Australia has vast resources of Superannuation money currently seeking safe investment and returns in this low interest environment. Why not tap into this resourse to grow Australia and create jobs and training? Properly thought out and targeted infructure projects could be funded by Government Infructure Bonds paying 1 or 2% above the current cash rate. Interest on debt would then stay within Australia. Where the Superannuation Fund was in Pension phase the returns would be spent back into the economy. Water from Victotia's desal plant could be channelled to the Murry Darling basin where farmers pay for water use and more targeted and sustainable Augricultural development could grow. I am certain several productive and user pays projects could be funded around Australia. Jobs and training would grow. Returns stay in Australia. Efficiencies should be a core target for any project.

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