A water education association that amalgamates water associations into one group that provides introductory, low-levels, and safety lessons by gaining recreational, and educational grants, fundraising, and sponsorship.

An association that amasses a fleet of equipment to educate and train every willing and new Australian in swimming, surfing, diving, boating and more. The entire group will focus on free swimming till the majority of Australians are accredited and safety conscious. Then moving onto surfing, diving, and boating as a three pronged attack to increase the recreation and safety awareness. Other water activities can be added as the association permits.

All associations joining the amalgamation will assist with applying for more grants, public money, crowdfunding, fundraising, sponsorship and other donations to make it possible to provide services as freely as possible for the introductory levels of water recreation.

Celebrity trainee and trainer events could put the fun in fundraising. Schools could reduce their investment on water recreation activities, and public water recreation facilities could find themselves fully funded for all introductory level initiatives. Schools could organize rosters to utilize the equipment alternately, or together if the numbers are needed.

Children could book themselves into camps for the holidays and utilize the water education initiatives to spend the entire time on the water and come back with fully accredited awareness of all forms of water recreation available to Australians.

The system could also be offered to paying foreigners, and tourists - thereby reducing deaths from that statistic. Foreign & local athletes could book into the system as trainees, customers, or trainers.

Older Australians could utilize the service as a fitness measure where they train downwards into less and less adventure as suits their health. Reverse age training could prevent deaths from that statistic.

Adults having to perform accredited tasks will have to heavily moderate their consumption of alcohol whilst on the water. Thereby reducing the number of deaths from that statistic.

Incidentally, with more attendance on the water environmental issues will be recognized by a wider group of Australians. Which will increase the awareness of preserving Australia for future generations who will seek out water recreation and education in mass appeal.

I think this idea is big, and it benefits the future living standards of all Australians!

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