A Not-for-Profit Organisation to provide a free, trustworthy and caring service for Pensioners, to help them following the death of a partner/carer. This service could be provided over the phone or in person or someone personally assisting them.

In today’s society, many pensioners are living away from their children and other relatives. Who can they turn to for help with all that is involved, when someone close to them has passed away? Current Government agencies and funeral directors can only do so much and most pensioners cannot afford the professional services provided by accountants and solicitors. My idea is for a Not-for-Profit organisation to provide a range of services at this very sad time in their life. To have access to a trustworthy and caring service, provided for free, that can help them at a time when they are grieving, to reduce their stress, is essential and a huge relief to them. There are many Government agencies, banks, insurance, utilities and other companies that need to be contacted or visited personally to update details. They also need help to deal with the financial implications following the loss of a loved one and help with budgeting for their future. The Department of Human Services provide some information and a checklist but the whole process is very daunting especially when they are on their own. They don’t want to be rushed, but they also don’t want to receive mail in their partner’s name some 6 or more months later. Most pensioners are scared of Government entities like Centrelink as they feel intimidated and sometimes feel that they might lose pensions if they do something wrong, leaving them unable to afford the basics. I’ve found from talking with a range of people, that most often the person who has passed away was the one who also dealt with the majority of financial matters for the couple. At this very sad time in their life, my idea would look to provide assistance and support and personally connect with the elderly, providing a range of services that helps them get through those early months after the loss of a loved one, when they have no one else to help them.

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