We should implement a progressive minimum age for smoking. The minimum age for smoking each year should increase by one year. I.e the legal age for smoking this year is 18yo. Why not make the legal age 19yo next year, then 20yo the year after.

A progressive legal smoking age can be brought about by a simple legislative change for the sale and consumption of cigarettes. This legislative change can be implemented at a federal level and could start with the legal smoking age of 18yo in 2018 then 19yo in 2019, then 20yo in 2020 and so on. This approach provides tobacco companies a sustained period of time to allow for the steady decline of consumers. It also provides for people who legally choose to smoke now the option to continue to smoke if they choose to. People who aren't legally allowed to smoke now will not be allowed to legally buy and consume cigarettes in the future. This approach would significantly decrease and subsequently eradicate smoking.

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