Alzheimer's Disease has been reversed in 88% of cases by Professor Dale Bredesen of UCLA and the Buck Institute. My Idea is to implement and scale his successful Alzheimer's prevention and reversal protocol in Australia.

Every 6 minutes someone in Australia is diagnosed with dementia. At the moment, most doctors here are telling their patients that "nothing can be done", unaware that in 2014 Professor Dale Bredesen, a highly regarded neuroscientist from the Buck Institute of Aging in San Francisco published a paper documenting the first ever cases of reversal of early Alzheimer's and its precursor Mild Cognitive Impairment. Professor Dale has discovered a molecular switch that can cause neuronal synapses to either come together and function or pull apart and die. He has shown that many of the toxins and lifestyles of modern life (especially in, but not limited to, genetically sensitive individuals) disturb a delicate balance and combine to turn that switch towards synaptic and brain cell death.

Since then, Professor Bredesen has published 3 more papers citing further successful reversals as well as describing the different types and causes of Alzheimer's, enabling more targeted treatments. The focus on finding a mono-solution, such as a drug, has proved to be unsuccessful in stopping or reversing Alzheimer's disease up to this point because there is no one single cause or trigger for the disease in human beings. 45 main triggers for Alzheimer's have been identified thus far. You cannot stop a roof from leaking by plugging one out of 45 holes, in the same way, we need to take a multi-modal approach personalised to address each individual's unique triggers for the disease. To date Dale Bredesen has reported an 88% success rate, reversing 112 cases of Alzheimer's disease and MCI. The 12% who did not respond were either too advanced in the disease process or not compliant to the protocols. I have been trained by Professor Bredesen and am co-managing the first Australian client on the program who, along with his family, are reporting significant improvements after only 3 months on the protocol.

The protocol involves gathering data sets unique to each individual including hormonal and metabolic parameters such as Vitamins D, E, and B12 and optimising them to the top quintile of the optimal range. the protocol also includes basic and sensible lifestyle changes including a brain healthy diet, exercise, brain training, sleep, stress management and others which combine synergistically to halt the disease process and build new neuronal networks.

Scaling of the protocols is made affordable and feasible thanks to new technologies created by Professor Bredesen's partnering USA company MPI Cognition who have created a specialised software and APP. The software called RECODE analyses all the data inputs and diagnoses which sub-type of Alzheimer's is dominating and creates an appropriate and detailed plan. The individual's plan is synchronised with the APP and used to assist individuals achieve their plan with lifestyle nudges, behavior change gamification and other support tools. Additional and personalised health coaching is recommended option.

My ultimate vision is to:

1) Collaborate with Universities in Australia to join those in England and USA where further trials will begin in 2017 and complete a multi-site confirmation of the protocols study

2) Partner with media and other stakeholders such as the government and relevant non-profits to launch a public health campaign on the need for early detection and prevention

3) Partner with the Royal College of General Practitioners and Neurologists to educate and train members in the use of the protocols

4) Create a "Bredesen Protocol" online health coaching module to train health coaches, spouses and other supporters of the participants

A powerful documentary and book about reversing Alzheimer's are due to be published and toured in early 2017. Professor Dale Bredesen and MPI Cognition are interested in scaling the protocol to Australia and worldwide and will be involved in the training of Doctors and the first Australian education programs for participants and their spouses.

Dr Dave Jenkins, a Physician, and a certified Bredesen Protocol practitioner will also assist with the medical oversight of early participants, research design and communication and education of the public, and related stakeholders in Australia.

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