Every current metered car park should be for a car OR three motorbikes.

Won't cost anything - simply needs a change in policy. To encourage fewer cars and more motorbikes/scooters into the busy CBD, my idea is to make every metered "car" park a choice of either one car space or space for 3 motorcycles. First there gets the choice. If a motorbike parks there, the rider puts in enough money to cover their time. Next bike in tops it up to cover their time, etc, so the meter is continually fed. Motorcyclists would understand the concept. If the meter is expired, ALL the bikes get a fine because they have all either overstayed or underpaid. I assume that a motorcyclist would use a scooter etc instead of a car if the choice was there. So, fewer cars in the CBD means less congestion, less fuel usage and less pollution. Here in Perth, it would reinvigorate the city on the weekend, knowing you could pop in to town on a whim and most probably find a park. Revenue positive, since the limited spaces for bikes are currently free and the expired parking can mean up to 3 tickets instead of one.

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