To develop & implement a National Employment Guarantee Program aimed at eliminating all unemployment in Australia.

AIM: To engage all sections of Australian society in the formulation, development,and implementation of a National Employment Guarantee Program.

PROCESS: First, have the governing party of the day call a summit of the leaders of all political parties to develop cross-party support for, and commitment to, the concept and the policy, once developed and agreed to. Second, call a National Forum, of political, business, union and community leaders to gain a commitment to, and establish a strategy for, the development, financing and implementation of the program,and the setting of a time limit for its achievement; Third, establish a follow-up consultative process to stimulate, consider and respond to proposals on the nature, financing and implementation of the strategy, by all Forum participants and,through them, all members of the broader Australian community; Fourth, establish an agreement on the percentage of Australians currently seeking employment to be offered training and meaningful, secure and on-going employment by each of the four employment tiers: Business, Federal, State and Local government; Fifth, determine a date for the cessation of payment of unemployment benefits, coincident with the implementation of the employment guarantee period and; Sixth formulate and agree to an on-going strategy for guaranteeing employment to all future Australians as and when they seek it.

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