My idea will provide a platform for people suffering from depression and anxiety to effectively manage their condition and automatically connects them to self-nominated support group during crisis and enables dialogue towards management and recovery.

In Australia, depression and mental illness is affecting individuals and communities in an unprecedented way. Sadly, an increasing number are susceptible to self-harm and suicide. People struggling with depression are overwhelmed with a host of symptoms along with a strong sense of guilt. It is common to feel guilty about letting other people down, causing hurt or feelings of resentment to develop, leading to social isolation. Research has shown that family and friends play a crucial role in management and recovery. The symptoms are better addressed when these two groups are able to connect and start a dialogue. My idea will bridge this gap and ensure that our loved ones are not alone. It will confirm our intent to foster a partnership and work together to overcome the obstacles ahead. Most importantly it will ensure they can reach out to us when they need us the most. My technological idea in the form of an app, will send timely notifications to prompt the user to assess their mood. It will track their mood assessment scores over time. It will offer a range of coping strategies based on these scores, so that help is readily accessible ay any time. This solution will automatically notify the self-nominated support group to call and check on the user when in critical need of help.

This solution will foster a supportive relationship and provide a platform to communicate...most importantly, they can REACH OUT TO US AND CONNECT.

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