Ageing is not a problem to be solved, its a blessing we need to live with effectively and as an ongoing process, not something that needs to be stopped. Creatively ageing prevents many problems and improves quality of life.

Ageing is prescribed as a problem and this is the way Governments try to deal with a natural process. We focus more on finding medical solutions to ageing rather than focusing on living life to the full. The more we age the more society tries to fit us into the "medical view of ageing," one that needs to be fixed with tablets, and other medical interventions and this awful way we try to provide limited support services that suit the organisation rather than the person. Like any process, ageing is affected by our biological make up, our lifestyle and our environment. Most of all its affected by our attitude and how we are seen. Creativity never stops and is a life long blessing. Lets use creativity in all its forms so that everyone is seen as a valuable member of a community, contributing and creating to the vibrancy of life. Let's create creative ageing hubs where people are free to express their creativity and learn new strategies and ways to deal with whatever life throws at us. The current models are not working and are unsustainable. Anyone who has been through this system with their loved ones know its frustrating, and full of blocks and dissuades anyone from becoming a part of this system. It short, the current supports will never help consumers meet their real goals, rather it continues to support organisations keep people employed and offers little in really supporting client's goals. Life itself does not stop until we stop breathing, yet society is determined to take away much of what makes our lives worth living because we become a certain age. Lets change the way we see ageing as a process. Its not a problem. The problem is the way ageing is presented. We solve the problem and we will see better ways of living with ageing people. No matter what age we are, we are all ageing, so lets make the most of it and change it to a blessing.

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