Many highly qualified women have moved to regional communities with their partners and have no ability to use their specialised skills. We need a network that helps them share skills, design new employment opportunities and enrich their communities.

Being out of the workforce is hard for anyone, and the longer it lasts the more confidence people lose. Most of the time these women are primarily responsible for childcare. This can mean they may be out of the full time workforce for many years, if not decades. The Network would offer support, the ability to collaborate and harness their specialised experiences and skills. It would be an online portal - sort of like a Linkedin but just for regional women. Many times these women don't have access to the avenues that allow them to meet other women with similar skills or qualifications, should they even exist in their area. This portal would reinforce that their previous experiences are valuable. The women could choose to notify others that they are looking for part time employment,or perhaps just other women with the same qualifications as them to get to know. It could be an avenue for them to share their skills with each other, form partnerships and perhaps businesses with others who have compatible skills, seek advice or mentor new women moving to regional areas. The regional areas have been losing potential workers - imagine how these women could enrich their local areas if they had an avenue to support each other ?

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