Using a network of volunteer "Community Chaplains" in suburbs throughout Australia to connect with every person in their area on a regular basis bringing help and hope where needed.

Every where in Australia there are people living in streets and suburbs with little or no connection to those around them. People may be lonely or need help at some stage or even someone to talk to. And yet there are probably others nearby with time on their hands and willing hearts who, with a little training, encouragement, and support could be mobilised to become 'volunteer Community Chaplains' who would visit those nearby on a regular basis to just "see how they are" and to offer or facilitate help if needed.

Such a vision, if fulfilled, has the potential to positively affect, if not transform, the society we live in - for the better. It would not require great resources - mainly people with a passion to make a difference to the world we live in - people with kind and giving hearts of which there are many - everywhere!

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