True representation of the people: random selection of 100 jurists for state upper houses to big screen video conference debate and vote on peoples submissions.

CITIZENS JURY: Equal portion per month of 1% of Commonwealth Empire budget for reward of 100 citizens jurists for each month for each of video conferencing network of 10 regions and states of Commonwealth Empire of each Commonwealth Empire member nation (sitting in upper house of local regional Parliaments so easy to commute to sessions with provision of free on site accommodation and meals to country jurists) Random selection of citizens jurists from fair citizens pool over the age of 15 years who self nominate and qualify (not convicts or narcissists - must be in true image selfie environment more than reverse image mirror environment over last 10 years [under this system only a few would qualify, most people today do not deserve the vote]). (Week 1 of each month) Citizens jurists paid 1/7 to attend state parliament upper house for the month and cast 3 votes each for a separate candidate to elect a chair and deputy chair for the month, Plus citizens jurists paid 1/7 to cast 10 votes each to nominate a separate NATO Presidential candidates self nominating for election to next months presidency of the Commonwealth Empire defence budget from born citizens, Vote to select top 10 inquiry terms of reference proposed or rescinded by national parliaments house of representatives including part of constitution to replace and maximum number of characters for the new section, with free advertising of enquiries on television, (Week 2 each month) Discuss, debate invite and listen to speakers to terms of reference questions. (Week 3 each month) Each citizens jurist paid 1/7 to vote in online ballot in direct democracy indicative plebiscite to rank model law submissions for each inquiry, the electoral commission listing one line title of submissions links in order of current votes that it has, link to last update model law by the same author, this list does not including the version of the law in the current constitution, Plus citizens jurists paid 1/7 to vote innocent or condemn in each judicial case up to 20 cases having referral from the NATO President. Jurists may change vote during month. (Week 4 each month) Paid 1/7 to vote yes/no on each reform section of Constitution submission ranking highest the last months indicative plebiscite after one hours debate, the new model section of the Commonwealth Empire model national constitution must achieve 60% approval in every member nation of the Commonwealth Empire in the months citizens jury referendum or the most recent previous version of the section winning over 60% of citizens jury votes across Commonwealth Empire member nations shall remain in affect. Plus citizens jurists paid 1/7 to vote to approve or reject the President of NATO (treasurers) budget amendments (for rejected sections previous arrangements continue)

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