Federal and state government to consider an overhaul of the current child care framework. The current child care framework to be abolished and all centres throughout the country be managed as per state schools fee structure.

Nurturing, therapeutic environment that has specialised staff supervising day care staff and assisting famililies with early intervention framework for behavioural and educational identified issues with children. Assist famililies with parenting skills and overall allow for children to develop in a country that has hope for our future which are the children. These centre could be tailored to address obesity, nutrition, education, domestic violence, health and poverty through early intervention. It would allow famililies to attend employment, study and training without the burden of financial hardship. The economy would flourish as the family unit would be better equiped to reinvest in the community with the dollars saved and the community would benefit from the high quality service provided under a federal legislative approach. "Early intervention and prevention".

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