Australia is the piracy capital of the world for one reason and one reason alone. The lack of fairly priced, prompt access to content.

Foxtel has had a monopoly on paid TV services for decades in Australia and the exclusivity laws for a lot of their content means the industry in Australia cannot evolve and keep up with the rest of the world. Currently there is no real market competition to keep prices and quality of service fair for consumers.

My Idea involves Changing the Exclusivity dealing laws in relation to Movies and Television so that exclusivity can only be for a maximum of 7 days per TV episode or movie before being open to any and all companies wishing to deal with the content provider.

There should be no circumstance that involves 100% exclusivity of content that hasn't been created by the company in question. This change will simultaneously:

  • Increase content availability for consumers
  • Push competitive evolution and
  • Dramatically decrease rates of piracy

This is the only solution to deal with the globalization of multimedia fairly and promptly.

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