To provide basic First Aid and Anaphylaxis Training to ALL Primary School children. Utilizing a workforce of students undertaking university study in Medicine/Allied Health/Nursing & Midwifery and other trained volunteers and professionals.

The concept of using students undertaking university training and other trained professionals and volunteers to deliver basic First Aid and Anaphylaxis Training to ALL Primary School children, is a program which I have successfully piloted through my role as the Rural Schools and Community Engagement Officer with the Western Sydney University School of Medicine. The program has proven to be very beneficial and engaging for students and trainers alike. The benefits of educating primary aged children on effective basic First Aid and Anaphylaxis Training is important on a variety of levels. Firstly, it provides students with the basic skills and knowledge to deal with a bad situation when it arises, it allows parents to feel better about their child's safety when at school or other contexts when they are not around. It also empowers children to take action in situations where a persons life is at risk or when an injury has occurred. It educates children about safety, both personal and that of others and it makes children thing of the consequences of their actions and how they effect others. It helps to strengthen a community spirit and a want to help other in need. It exposes children to health careers at a young age, possibly planting a seed that may one day lead that child to strive for a career in the health service industry. And it also helps develop our next generation of medical and health care professionals, by breaking down the barriers between health care workers and children, in this instance it benefits both, from the students learning and from the experienced gained by the students delivering the programs supporting their training and development through exposure to young children.

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