An interactive web based learning tool to build resilience and leadership skills via a "choose your own adventure" online game. Each interactive scene enables choices & learning outcomes that develop leadership & consequential behavioural thinking.

The purpose of this online interactive learning tool is to bring students, schools, and parents together to engage in more open dialogue to develop positive decision making skills within young people. In a rapidly advancing technological society dominated by social media, how do we teach our kids to be leaders and make positive behaviour choices outside of peer pressure? This is an online "scenario based game" - without the risk of actual consequence - to see and explore what can happen should they choose a particular behaviour within a given social / peer group scene. Each scene will typically have a multiple choice option of 5 possible behaviour choices to make. Each behaviour chosen will demonstrate the likely consequence of conducting that behaviour - either negatively or positively, eg. how to deal with bullying, use of social media, respecting self and others, modern manners, how to follow your own individual pursuit, the impact of peer pressure, etc. Data gathered by this program could be contained in a backend database to provide statistical reporting to government agencies on the most important trending issues facing young people. This would be particularly useful in being able to allocate youth resources where they are needed most.The technology within this program is designed to allow students the opportunity to practice positive behavioural choices, build emotional intelligence, and in turn benefit society by reducing the level of impulsive behaviours that can leave a lasting footprint on young peoples social media use and influence on future leadership / career aspirations. In turn, this could be a particularly useful tool for government funded youth services to become far more targeted, productive, and effective in assisting disadvantaged youth. The program requires the support of an "Online Instructional Designer - E-Learning" specialist to code the learning scenarios and bring the game to life.

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