My big idea is to utilise government schools all over Australia to provided a place for community health and wellbeing by providing a place for qualified people to use the school facilities to offer services that the community can participate in.

For example:

Qualified trades people could offer their services in well equipped technology classrooms to show the community all types of specialised skills.

Qualified personal trainers could use gymnasiums for community group training. Libraries could be places that the whole community could access. Science and maths classes could be offered to the community.

Basic First Aid could be administered at schools for the community by qualified practitioners (i.e. Doctors in schools in Victoria).

Art and music programs for all ages delivered by local artists and musicians.

A safe place for alternative sports (skating, scooting and cycling).

Our schools are amazing facilities that are under utilised and could provide a place for the community to connect where getting 'Back to School is cool!'

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