Online doctor service to encourage proactive healthcare with the Doctor’s performance rating influencing their bonus

Society needs to be more proactive about their health, and this starts with having a more positive outlook on healthcare, and being confident that you can trust in the medical advice you receive. Australia’s Online Doctors Marketplace uses mobile video conferencing for doctor appointments, allowing quick check-ups and advice to be delivered from the comfort of the patient’s home, removing physical barriers for healthcare. Further, Australia’s Online Doctor Marketplace’s forum advice feature allows you to quickly get a second opinion – or third, or fourth! Maintaining both patient and doctor anonymity patients can “crowd source” a consultation. This will give confidence to the patient, as they receiving medical advice from a field of experts, rather than an individual doctor. The key differentiating factor of Australia’s Online Doctors Marketplace is its performance rating capability. Patients will be able to rate doctors on service, encouraging Doctor’s to provide better service (think Uber for doctors). Five weeks after the consultation, patients can rate the effectiveness of advice given by the doctors. Doctor’s government provided financial bonuses can then be directly correlated with their rating, which encourages better service and advice based on patient feedback. Australia’s Online Doctors Marketplace makes it easier for patients to get medical advice they can trust.

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