introduce a weekly living payment for Australian Citizens living in Australia.

Enact all Financial Institutions must hold 10% of their Value in an Australian Government Bond. 10% of all Superanuation/Financial Institutions... Should provide a starting Balance of over 400billion.

Increase GST to 20% (10% split between the states and !0% for the Fed Government). Every Australian Citizen over 18 living in Australia recieves $500 per week - weather they are employed/unemployed/learning /sick or retired. ( excludes any people in Jail or living overseas). Children under 12 $50 and Teenagers 13 -18 $100.

Once the ball is rolling Revenue to maintain the fund will be collected from Increased Spending and Income Tax from Bracket Creep.

Employment (casual and Part time ) will increase as Current workers make Lifestyle Choices and reduce their Working Hours in line with there circumstances. Wages stability as no Cost of living requirements in play'.

Tax free $26000 then Income Tax and Medicare levy payable on any Additional income earnt over the $ -- If You are Happy to live on $26000 so be it - but the ability to earn more through employment or Enterprise or Business start-up Or Education is an individuals choice.

Increased GST from increased spending will allow Governments (both State and Faderal) to increase production and infrastructure - creating emploment and higher standards of living.

The Substantial increase in Medicare Levy - paid by all earning then the $2600 will offer better services and care for the sick and elderly.

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