An App that allows you to list any car, van or truck trip at any time of the day that gets matched with another persons need yo travel or have something transported

Every day there are millions of car, van and truck trips that could be utilised to by other people wanting to travel or move goods. Most people make the same trip to work between point a and b each day. There would be any number of people requiring transport on that same trip. The "Are You Going My Way?" App would allow anyone to list a trip between point a an b and that is matched with someone wanting travel or have something transported between point a and b. A price is agreed and amount paid online. Benefits include 1. Less traffic on roads or pressure on the public transport system. 2.Financial gain for drivers eg: makes the same trip to work each day but now able to earn extra cash for little additional effort. 3. Good for the environment as less fuel and fewer resources are used

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