My idea is to create a single App that allows people to make donations to charities immediately. They will be able to select favourite charities from a list and keep track of their giving. They can also choose to receive updates from their charity.

I often feel the need to donate based on an immediate need (a homeless person in the street or a crisis on tv) and then because I don't act immediately, don't end up doing anything about it. For example I see a homeless person and think, I wish I could help, decide the best way is to give to Anglicare but then forget. Or, I see the refugee crisis in the middle east and think, I should donate to UNHCR but then don't have my wallet with me so leave it for weeks and months. What if, Anglicare, UNHCR and many others were on a list of vetted charities on an App. By linking a bank/paypal account to the App, I can see a need and choose to give x amount on the spot to the charity of choice. Features of the App are that: - we allow people to choose their favourite charities for easy access to their charities.
- we categories charities into homeless, refugee, domestic violence etc so people can know the need that they are meeting through donation - we keep track of all giving and allow people to look at their historical giving (for tax purposes but also to see how they are tracking) - we allow people to set target and notify them of progress - we allow people to set maximums to prevent giving more than we can afford - we give people the option of allowing their charities to send push notifications of particular needs - all charities meet vetted to meet standards such as % giving going to the cause and transparency. - gamification through setting targets and achieving those targets (although, I wouldn't want people to see how much people are giving)

There are many options we could include but the basic concept is simple; When I want to give, I can give easily

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