a place to come day or night that provides help and support to get you back on your feet prepared for everyday life.this place can be made up of small little units or granny flats with a onsite home where the workers stay.bit like a gated community

everyone needs to feel good about themselves, feel confident. this place the homeless, victims of crime or abused, all who need help come and we have beds, kitchen facilities, a garden, a quiet spot to relax and think.its a home which provides assistance in helping you learn to cook again,find that job,have someone to talk to in a safe environment. woman who have experienced abuse or violence can bring there children so they are not separate.The children will also be thought of by providing a play area just like a normal child would have. Adult based classes for each persons needs will be available.these people just need the support the courage to have a go them selves, with this idea they get the help plus comfort to slowly adapt to the changes they face as they can face relapsing again. once they are deemed by a professional as ready and able for community living that's when they leave the special home, but they will have a home already found as part of their exit condition PLAN

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