instead of paying welfare only to unemployed or disabled not to work (rich leaners), pay welfare to working poor or guardian, rent, utilities and basics card if unemployed. Welfare would continue when transitioning into work.

WELFARE FOR PRODUCTIVE POOR: for all fair citizens (after 20 year probationary ancestry contribution) an amount to family per fortnight [of ~$40] x total ages of family members in years divide by 1+(net wealth per family member (counting 10% of value of last real sale price plus 5% per year of main residence over last year regardless of who owns it) / (GDP / population) [$75,000]). Not counting shares in business of most employment and crowd funding ventures the owner can not divest. Assessment once per year plus automatic assessment of shares and accounts. Joint account with guardian until 15 years of age as medical voucher for the child. From age 15 option to count as separate from family. Direct payment only to working and productive poor, If unproductive, disabled, convict, psycho or addict 90% welfare above rent shall be for Basics Card (for rent, utilities and groceries not for cash or recreational drugs) guardian, care home, hospital and prison operator until 6 months after court determines no longer a scumbag. Children living at home shall pay 50% welfare to family food, care and consumables budget.

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