A Campaign that involves the government and ordinary people are working together to stick to the United Nations on the RIGHTs of a Child that; its in the best interest of a child. So wherever they are ever child feels safe in a loving family.

It is simple..... I believe to break the cycle of entrenched disadvantaged children in affected communities we should be ensuring that we stick to the United Nations on the Right of a child - that its in the best interest of a child to be apart of a loving home. Every child deserves to be happy, healthy, have access to education and above all to feel like they belong in a loving home. My challenge is to see the Government work together with us all to ACT for the child. Its up to us now to act for children nation wide, in big cities or remote communities so we can ensure that every single child in Australia has this oppourtunity of a loving home - regardless of their age, the state they live in, socio-economical background of their parents, even how they form a family, ALL Aussie kids deserve the chance to just be a kid in a loving home! It's now our chance to now act upon their rights.

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