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Over 55 Start Up Business Group

A big idea by: Steven Oesterreich

This helps in easing part-time employment and older workers A free group is created to bring in over 55s and grant them seed money to start a new business - but they need to include expertise from all areas from this group.

  1. Inflatable sandbags

    A big idea by: Wayne Caisley

    Due to the severe weather that the world has had to get used to there is always major flooding. Households, businesses emergency workers spend a lot of time filling sandbags why not have a portable inflated sandbag to save time.

  2. Defensive driving at School

    A big idea by: Neil Roberts

    My idea is for kids in years 10 and 11 to learn and better prepare on how to drive and not just how to pass a driving test. Show kids how the trauma of accidents and the affects it has on families, paramedics, hospital staff and the community.

  3. Tax Reform

    A big idea by: Warwick Taylor

    My idea is to have one income tax rate across the board without any deductions for anything.