As we go about our daily lives, each decision we (individually and collectively) make can close off options for future generations, or expand them.

Alt text In building prosperity in Australia, the needs of future generations can steer our decisions towards a bright future - environmentally, socially, culturally and economically.

From things as immediate as how we travel or what we wear, drink and eat through to our roles as parents, citizens, neighbours, family members and work colleagues, our decisions influence the next generation’s future.

We face serious challenges in addressing the causes of climate change and other damage to the natural environment at local, national and global scales. We also need to be more active in ensuring that future generations have a better standard of living than us.

This isn’t just about financial well-being but overall quality of life - none of which is guaranteed.

And lastly, as our future leaders, we need to better prepare young people for the task ahead.

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