To build an inclusive, sustainable and healthy community, employment is key.

Without employment opportunities communities stagnate, as young people look for opportunities elsewhere and those that remain do so with lowered expectations, and a non-sustainable income.

Employment is a source of dignity, self-esteem and skill development as well as income, whether you are just entering the workforce, a mature worker, have a disability, or are engaging with work while undertaking other social roles like parenting.

For those who are employed, being able to balance responsibilities outside work with their job is important to maintaining workforce participation.

Unfortunately, not every organisation has adopted 21st century best practices in the workplace (e.g. flexibility, equal pay etc.). There is also a lot more that could be done to create inclusive workplaces for people with physical and mental health challenges. And for those who don’t have permanent work, who are in casual or ‘flexible’ jobs, more could be done to ensure their financial security needs are met.

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