The growing number of older people in Japan with dementia has resulted in unique customer care, with businesses adapting to the ageing population.

CASE STUDY: Japan's customer care approach to dementia

Japan has a rapidly ageing population – already 24% of people are aged over 65 years (compared to 14% in Australia). There are an estimated 8 million people suffering from dementia.

While government funded support for dementia care is not as high as many other countries, the government has created a course to teach businesses how to handle customers who show signs of dementia. Japan Post Holdings Co, Aeon (a retailer), Sumitomo Life Insurance Co, and Mizuho Financial Group are all examples of companies that have required up to a quarter of their employees to learn about dementia.

At Japan Post Holdings Co, employees now recognise that wandering is common in dementia patients and help customers find their way home.

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