In 2013 alone, Israel produced 1,000 new startups and attracts more venture capital per person than any other country in the world.

CASE STUDY: Israel, a hotbed for startups and entrepreneurs

Israel has created a startup ecosystem that is second only to Silicon Valley, which continues to grow and create new opportunities for entrepreneurs.

There are a few reasons why the start up scene is thriving:

  • In Israel, most citizens join the army before entering college and in the Israeli military it is quite common to become a technology expert at an early age. The environment also encourages entrepreneurship and leadership.

  • The government also encourages young entrepreneurs to take the risk of beginning a startup company by providing early-stage funding.

  • Israel has some of the best universities in the world, with a big focus on technology.

Like South Korea, the UK and the United States, certain common characteristics emerge in an analysis of the global leaders in entrepreneurship:

  • They support the growth of technology companies through a range of policy measures and programs specifically aimed at firms with the greatest capacity for growth.

  • They start early, introducing entrepreneurship in schools and immersing university students in a diverse range of entrepreneurship programs.

  • Leading countries make technology entrepreneurship a priority, backed by a national strategy that recognises the role of universities as drivers of entrepreneurial culture.

  • They expose young people to the best international startup ecosystems and cultures in order to produce entrepreneurs who think globally.

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